Dave Richardson

Dave Richardson is the Director of Information Technology at NPW. Dave was born and raised in Southwest Virginia. Dave is leading our IT team to create a unique customer-focused experience both online and through strategic initiatives to help drive sales … Read More

Carl Luque

Carl Luque oversees the operations, sales, transportation and supply chain strategy for numerous corporate stores and distribution centers throughout the NPW network. Carl has over 20 years of automotive experience in several leadership roles as General Manager, Regional Operations Manager … Read More

Jon Hekking

Jon, a native to Salt Lake City, is an extremely experienced and successful member of the Automotive Aftermarket with strong roots in operations and sales. After graduating high school in Denver, Jon returned home to Salt Lake to study business … Read More

Rick Kovalick

Rick Kovalick, National Performance’s Sr. VP or Purchasing & Marketing, hails from a long career with the Specialty Automotive industries leaders Keystone Automotive Operations, Keystone Automotive Warehouse and 10 years with NPW Companies. His career began in retail and installer … Read More

John Pacey

Having worked in almost every area of the business over the last 15 years, John brings a unique level of knowledge that is evident in his work ethic and management style.  With this knowledge, he has been able to better … Read More

Chris Pacey

Chris Pacey is Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of National Performance Warehouse and currently oversees NPW’s 19 warehouse locations and over 700 employees across North America. He is responsible for the day to day operations, including strategic planning … Read More

Larry Pacey

Larry’s 45 years of experience began in 1969 when he started National Carburetor Exchange in a 600 square foot building, rebuilding and installing carburetors for the South Florida market.  Starting the business on his own, he was responsible for all … Read More


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